Port informs

The Port of Ceuta reopens the city to cruise tourism.


The Port of Ceuta established a joint health protocol together with the Government of the Autonomous City for cabotage cruises with port of calls in Ceuta. Ceuta continues with the processes to reactivate cruise tourism in the city. The Governing Council approved the health protocols established jointly with the Port Authority for cruises from other […]

The Port Authority of Ceuta organizes a conference to present a study based on the tax advantages that Ceuta offers to bunker operators.


To explain this analysis, the entity counted on the presence of Alberto García Valera, manager of “Ernest and Young” in Andalusia and Extremadura. The president of the Port Authority, Juan Manuel Doncel; highlighted the importance of planning joint actions between the different local operators so as to promote Ceuta as an attractive destination for bunkering […]

The Port of Ceuta offers a computer tool to inform in real time about the meteorological and oceanographic conditions in Ceuta.


The Port of Ceuta is part of SAMOA 2, a co-financed project in which 18 port authorities and State Ports participate and which provides ports with personalized systems for consulting and exploiting oceanographic and meteorological information. The Port Authority of Ceuta continues to update itself to offer a more complete service to companies and users […]

The Port of Ceuta renews its PERS certification and remains within the ‘Ecoports’ network.


The PERS certification is the only European accreditation of specific environmental management of the port sector and is granted to those port authorities that fulfill the sustainability standards previously set by the European Commission. The Port has renewed its certification thanks to its environmental commitment, with actions such as the acquisition of the ‘USV Vendaval’ […]

‘Adventure Zero’ makes a port of call in Ceuta before starting its voyage around the world for the fifth centenary of the Magallanes-Elcano expedition.


The captain of ‘Adventure Zero’, Jimmy Cornell, aims to be the first to complete the world tour in a fully electric powered boat. The boat ‘Adventure Zero’ arrived this morning at the marina. The writer and navigator Jimmy Cornell is going to start the-world trip on this yacht to commemorate the fifth centenary of the […]

The Port Authority of Ceuta promotes the Sentry Stations project in the port area.


The program is based on the control and monitoring of the quality of port waters through marine biological indicators, an action framed within the general scope of the protection of the marine environment and the healthy maintenance of water ecosystems under the influence of industrial and economic activities. The Port Authority of Ceuta continues its […]

The Port of Ceuta participates this week in the “Seatrade Cruise Virtual” event.


This is a four days virtual fair that allows the cruise community to generate contacts, investigate the news in the sector, participate in conferences on several topics and discover what the future plans of the companies are. Since this Monday, October 5th, the Port Authority of Ceuta is participating in the ‘Seatrade Cruise Virtual’. The […]