A project for the generation of clean and renewable energies.


The port of Ceuta has become the epicenter of an intriguing project aimed towards the future: the implementation of a 2,400-square-meter Digital Data Processing Center (Data Center). This center is intended to be a fundamental pillar for the strategic digital development of the Autonomous City of Ceuta.

This project aims to boost the city’s technological infrastructure by providing a space dedicated to the storage, processing, and management of data on a large scale. With a considerable surface area, the Data Center seeks to become a focal point for processing critical information, thus enhancing the economic and technological development of the region.

The strategic importance of this initiative lies in its ability to meet the growing demands for connectivity and data storage in an increasingly digitized world. Moreover, this center is poised to attract investment and foster innovation, potentially drawing in technology companies and creating specialized jobs in the digital field.

The choice of the port of Ceuta as the location for this initiative is not coincidental; its strategic position makes it an ideal enclave for the implementation of this technological infrastructure. This initiative not only signifies a qualitative leap in the city’s digital modernization but also has the potential for a significant impact on the economic and technological landscape of the region, positioning Ceuta as a benchmark on the digital map.

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President of the Port Authority of Ceuta.

The President of the Port Authority of Ceuta during the groundbreaking ceremony of the Data Center.