The port in medias



The Spabunker Sixty, operated by Cepsa, is expected to meet demand from 40-50 more vessels each month. The Spabunker Sixty, constructed at the Unión Valencia Naval Shipyard, entered service in 2008 and is a double-hulled barge with a capacity for 2,300 metric tonnes (mt) of fuel oil and 700 mt of marine diesel oil (MDO). The vessel […]

The port of Ceuta (Spain), new AIVP member.


The port of Ceuta is one of the most important ports in the Mediterranean; it is a leading port for cargo movement, bunkering, bulk liquids, passengers and vehicles from Spain. Ceuta enjoys a privileged location on the Straits of Gibraltar. It offers tax benefits, and the port has well consolidated experience in passenger and cargo […]

Port of Ceuta Carries Out First VLSFO Bunkering.


The Spanish Port of Ceuta is ready to deliver IMO 2020-compliant marine fuel after completing its first very low sulphur fuel oil (VLSFO) bunkering operation on November 7. Oil tanker Ridgebury Colette B delivered first VLSFO for the port at the Poniente quay on November 1. Later in the day, tanker Sti Fulham delivered further […]

Ceuta port starts delivering low sulphur fuels to ships


Ceuta, Spain (PortSEurope) November 8, 2019 – The first discharge operation of Fueloil 0.5% low in sulfur VLSFO (Very Low Sulfur Fueloil) in the port of Ceuta took place last Friday, November 1, at the Poniente Dam, specifically in the new terraced dock of the 3rd alignment, intended for the reception of large ships for the transport […]

Port of Ceuta begins VLSFO supply.


The Spanish port has begun supplying very low sulphur fuel oil (VLSFO) in a move it says marks a new phase in its strategy to increase bunkering operations at its facilities. According to the port, 34,500 metric tonnes (mt) of the new product was unloaded for the first time on 1 November. Vilma Oil was […]

The port of Ceuta studies to improve its facilities to consolidate the cruise traffic.


The port of Ceuta welcomed in 2018 eleven call cruises with 22,000 tourist on board between passengers and crew and, for this year 2019, the panorama is similar. While the number of scheduled calls will be reduced, the amount of cruisers who will visit our city is almost the same since mega-ships endowed with greater capacity […]