The Port Authority of Ceuta responds to the principles that inspire sustainable development, promoting actions aimed at sustainability, understanding that there is no other way of operating in the Ports than respect for people and the environment that surrounds them. Along these lines, Royal Legislative Decree 2/2011, of 5 September, approving the Revised Text of the Law on State Ports and Merchant Marine, addresses this issue, requiring the inclusion of a sustainability report in the Business Plans of all Port Authorities.
The Port Authority of Ceuta, anticipates this requirement, publishing its first sustainability report in 2009, in order to meet the information needs of the public interested in knowing the performance of the Port Authority in relation to sustainable development and to constitute a tool to set targets for continuous improvement. Giving continuity to this initiative, in 2010 the first Sustainability Report of 2009 was published, in which it informs all interested parties about its principles in social, economic and environmental matters, its prospects for the future, its great challenges, its development projects, its performance data.