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Welcome to the Online administration of the Port Authority
of Ceuta

Certain ages of humanity have received their name from the techniques used in them and today we could say that information and communication technologies are also profoundly affecting the form and even the content of the relationships between human beings and the societies in which they are integrated.

An Administration at the height of the times in which it acts must accompany and promote for the benefit of citizens the use of electronic communications. These must be the first and main beneficiaries of the leap, unthinkable only a few decades ago, that has taken place in the field of electronic communications technology.

The improvement of the service to the citizen constitutes the main raison d’être of the “Law 11/2007 on Electronic Access of Citizens to Public Services”.

Information technologies make it possible to bring the Administration closer to citizens’ homes or to the offices and offices of companies and professionals, allowing them to interact with it without queues or waiting, thus improving the service offered and saving time dedicated to these procedures, while at the same time eliminating the inconvenience of travelling to the offices of the different Administrations no matter how far away we are.

However, in addition to this, access to public services is facilitated above all for those people who previously had great difficulties in reaching public offices, due to geographical location, physical mobility conditions or other factors, and who can now be overcome through the use of new technologies. In this way, a transcendental step is taken to facilitate, under equal conditions, the full integration of these people in public, social, labour and cultural life.

The Port Authority of Ceuta offers citizens and companies the services defined in the Service Charter and access to the Citizen’s Folder.