The Port of Ceuta receives on Saturday the first port of call of the cruise ‘World Navigator’.

The cruise, which belongs to the cruise company Mystic Cruises, will be in Ceuta from 9am to 5pm. Its lenght is 126 metres and a draft of 4.7 metres.

Around 317 people between tourists and crew from different nationalities will visit the city and the surroundings.

The Port Authority of Ceuta reports the arrival this Saturday, September 16th of the ship ‘World Navigator’, which will be docked between 9 am and 5 pm at the España Pier (east side). The cruise will arrive in Ceuta from the port of Cádiz and will depart for the port of Málaga. This cruise is the first to arrive in Ceuta after the summer cruise season, so more visits are expected until the end of the year. It has 200 passengers on board, mostly of North American and European nationality, as well as 175 crew members.

The ‘World Navigator’ cruise ship, belonging to the shipping company Mystic Cruises, is 126 meters long and 4.7 meters deep. Its arrival in Ceuta, which the shipping company has included among the ports of call for its cruises, is the result of the hard work carried out by the Commercial and Marketing Department of the Port Authority of Ceuta with its presence in a significant number of international fairs and events.

About 317 people on board between passengers and crew

The ‘World Navigator’ ship has the capacity to accommodate approximately 200 tourists, most of them North American and European, and around 117 crew members of different nationalities, who will have the option to take some of the usual tourist tours around Ceuta. From 9 in the morning, tourists will be able to get off the cruise ship, either independently or to take the bus excursions organized by Tourist Services, which will have the usual information point next to the pier.

Exchange of a commemorative plaque

As usual, given that this is the first visit of this cruise ship, a commemorative plaque will be presented to the captain of the cruise ship.

With the arrival of this new cruise ship, the port of Ceuta is consolidated in this sector. It is also worth highlighting the positive result of the commercial efforts that the Port Authority has been carrying out together with Tourist Services of Ceuta, with presence in international forums and participation in associations for the promotion of these traffic, as well as the investments made in the Muelle España to accommodate these ships and receive their tourists who will transit through our city for the benefit of its tourism and economic sector.