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Autoridad Portuaria de Ceuta


They are considered integrated in this port service those activities of cargo, loading, unloading, and tranship of merchandise covered by maritime traffic, to allow transfer between vessels, or between them and land or other means of transport. 

To have the consideration of activities under this service, they must be performed entirely within the service area of the port and have a direct and immediate connection with a specific loading, unloading or transfer of a particular vessel.

Review of the merchandise traffic in the year 2010

Liquid bulks traffic, mainly energy products derived from the petroleum that are stored in the city for their later use as fuel or marine “bunkers” in the vessels provisioning, exceeded the expectations foreseen the previous year.

The traffic performance of provisioning which grew 19.98% (this figure does not take into account the water discharges performed in 2,009) has, of course, influenced the total of petroleum products loaded and unloaded during the year that ascended to 959,260 tons, that is,  a 20.60% more traffic than in 2.009. Bulk solids traffic, with little importance in our port, is reduced to the importacion from the peninsula (cabotage and unloading) of cement and golden sand (manufacture of mortars) for their use in construction.

The cement is discharged by special installation through concessions that explode them  in the Levante dock. The conjunction of this traffic makes it inextricably linked to the investment in the construction sector and so the number of discharges of 38,681 tonnes of cement by special installation influenced so that the total traffic increased although the most significant event from the point of view of this traffic was the practical exhaustion during the year of the quarries of Benzú which has resulted in the need of  importation of stone and aggregate from the quarry from the Peninsula.

The General cargo traffic decreased a 6.65%. The RO-RO traffic that  represents almost the 99% of total general merchandise due to his  presentation form was reduced a 6.59% compared to 2009 due to the discharge of fewer UTIs and containers by this system. During the tax year 2010,the  total of merchandises by  presentation form has been increased a 9.69% mainly due to good behavior that provisioning has had which has compensated the reduction in the traffic  of  general merchandise.In 2010, there were added up 102.217 tons of dry bulks without special installation (97% gravel  and sand discharges) that increased the total number of solid bulks up to 141 410 tons, representing a remarkable increase of 107.27% over the previous year and a significant contribution whose upward trend for the coming years open new expectations for this traffic.