The Port of Ceuta publishes its Annual Report 2018.


The Port Authority of Ceuta publishes its Annual Report 2018 as a sign of transparency of the institution regarding its management.

The Port Authority of Ceuta has been preparing for years an annual report divided into chapters where its annual activity, evaluation, results and the most outstanding management facts are reflected.

The aforementioned publication collects, in an exhaustive way, the economic balance, the technical characteristics of its facilities, the activities authorized to individuals, the statistics of its traffic, the use of the port, the works, the maritime lines, etc.

Likewise, it should also be noted that the annual report, of a public nature, will be distributed to the rest of the national ports and to the maritime community in general, continuing with the policy of sharing and spreading the results of common objectives.

Finally, it should be highlighted that the annual report is completely free. Furthermore, its printed edition is accompanied by a USB card and is also accessible through the official website of the Port of Ceuta in the section called “Publications”.