The Port of Ceuta offers a computer tool to inform in real time about the meteorological and oceanographic conditions in Ceuta.


The Port of Ceuta is part of SAMOA 2, a co-financed project in which 18 port authorities and State Ports participate and which provides ports with personalized systems for consulting and exploiting oceanographic and meteorological information.

The Port Authority of Ceuta continues to update itself to offer a more complete service to companies and users everyday. Currently, the Port has made available to the public a totally free computer program called ‘Cuadro de Mando Ambiental’ (CMA) that allows the oceanographic and meteorological information of Ceuta to be consulted in real time. The data can be searched from any other device through the web

This system has been implemented in our city framed in SAMOA 2 project (Meteorological and Oceanographic Support System of the Port Authority), of which the local port authority has been a member since February 2019. The initiative is a continuation of the SAMOA project, whose objective is to improve the oceanography and meteorology systems, as well as the forecast and measurement of the physical environment.

The project, co-financed by the 18 participating port authorities and State Ports, allows each member to have an own interface adapted to each one specific needs. This system bases its operation on three key elements: real-time monitoring of the sea state, numerical forecast models to estimate its evolution and the mechanisms for accessing information and generating customizable alerts for each user.

With this tool, internal tasks of the local institution are facilitated, such as the planning of activity closures, the optimized use of moorings and esplanades, operations with cranes, pilotage tasks, the fight against marine pollution or the quality control of water, among others.

However, in addition to being a system that facilitates the work of the Port, it is also a very useful instrument for potential clients or for any citizen who loves nature. This tool has updated data on waves, currents, wind, water temperature and salinity, information that is extremely important when carrying out any task on our coast.

For this reason, the Port of Ceuta wanted to show the ease of use of this free tool. To be updated regarding oceanography and meteorology in Ceuta, you only have to register on the website and request the data you want to obtain. As of the receipt of the confirmation, the user has all the information in real time at once.

Following the resolution published in the Spanish bulletin BOE in 2019 by which the State Ports agreement with the Ceuta Port Authority became effective, some relevant investments were carried out to make the SAMOA 2 project successfully. The Port Authority of Ceuta included some items for a software applied to the local port, a very high resolution current prediction system and real-time alerts based on instrumentation and integrated into the CMA.

With SAMOA 2, six additional modules have been developed and are being integrated into the CMA, managed by the port administrators. These are: real-time alerts, high-resolution weather forecast, rebases, operational area forecast, long wave forecast and measurement campaigns.