The Port of Ceuta.


With its strategic location in Africa, this Spanish port of call maintains an important geographic position for passengers, products and goods destined for Africa and Europe.

• One of the top ports in the strait for Bunkering services. Tax Free bunkering and Zero Duty on goods passing through the port suppose a financial advantage.
• Quick turn around due to efficiency of calls.
• State of the art facilities for superb ship servicing – specialised in medium sized ships.
• Compliance with the Spanish Ports Cronos project for rapid response and prevention of accidental pollution of the port environment.
The entire economy of Ceuta depends directly or indirectly on the Port and its activities. Due to its geographical location. It is also the entry and exit point for most goods and provides the foundation for most commercial activities.

The existing infrastructure is excellent for the bunkering of ships and is a proud reflection of the importance that this activity represents for the Port.

The Port of Ceuta supplies nearly one million tons.

The competitive advantages that the Port of Ceuta offers, with respect to its competitors, is the quality service that can be found throughout the facility in all areas such as infrastructure, machinery, and labour force. The Port´s target is to attract and meet the needs of the medium tanker that use intermediate fuels. This unique specialization in the servicing and supplying medium
moored boats has no rivals in the strait of Gibraltar and the Port is considered to be the least congested in the Straits.

Liquid bulk traffic which includes the loading and unloading of fuel and the supply of ships represents over half of the traffic of our port. This is a reflection of the favourable times we are currently
enjoying in bunkering.

We have most of the port infrastructure exclusively designated for this side of our business. Therefore, we can confidently say that this is our specialization. We are an indispensable reference point in the Spanish port system for this type of traffic.

Source of Information: World Bunkering Magazine.