Some excursions for cruise passengers in Ceuta.


The Desnarigado is a tourist boat with a capacity of 40 passengers which makes a daily journey along the coast of Ceuta. The tour lasts approximately 45 minutes and starts at España Dock, taking in the Royal Mint towards South Bay, the Ribera Beach, Fuente Caballos, the Painter’s Battery, Cala and Fortin
del Sarchal (the former women’s prison), Camino de Ronda (the old Roman road), The Marabout de Sidi Abbas, Desnarigado Hold with the Desnarigo Castle and the cliffs of Hacho Mount.

Another popular tour is a visit to the Monumental Complex of the Royal Walls, which runs along the borderline of ancient Ceuta. Outside of the walls is the Royal Moat, navigable since the era of Portuguese rule. Some centuries ago, the Bridge of Christ, which connects the Mallorquines Fortress to the Walls, could be raised. At a certain time in the afternoon a cannon shot would be fired to signal that the bridge would be raised, therefore isolating the city from the outskirts.

Along the walls it is possible to visit Saint Peter’s Fortress with the Plaza de Santiago, Saint Anne’s Fortress where the ancient horse grooms used to live, and Saint Paul’s Fortress. There are two audio visual shows about the history of the Walls and the city of Ceuta, both of them are free admission. There is also a museum with some exhibitions in Saint Ignatius’ Ravelin.

Source of Information: MEDCRUISE.