Port Authority

Reinforcement and improvement of west and east docks.

These works have consisted of the parcial repair of the damaged infrastructures, which correspond to:

1) Longitudinal cracks in the adjacent road of the West Dock;

2) Settlement of the platforms located on the third alignment of the dock;

3) Damages on the fence between the wall and replacement of pebbles of West and East.

The overall cost of the transaction increased to 2.817.654,99 €.

The overall expense on 31st of December, 2009 was 2.817.654,99 €.

The work started on 29th of September, 2006 and it concluded on 29th of November, 2007, lasting 14months.

The operating indicator in this work is: square metres of repaired paving. At the end of the works, the overall number of square metres which were repaired were 2.470 m².