Port Authority

Reinforcement and improvement of the marina.

The aim of this work consists of a reconstruction of the main breakwater of the Port dock through 3 Tn. Breakwaters, adapting the existing slope ( 1H:1V) to the slope 1,5H:1V, until the end +3,20 above B.M.V.E.. Moreover, the construction of a wall in which the seawall will be 180 metres long from the beginning of the dock to the pebble. This is completed with the necessary units of pontoons and fingers which were damaged after the bad weather and the replacement of the plumbing and lighting networks which are damaged.

The overall cost of the transaction increased to 745.895,31 €

The overall expense on 31st of December, 2009 was 745.895,31 €.

This work started on 22nd of July, 2006 and it concluded on 22nd of December, 2009, lasting 17 months.

The operating indicators in the work are: tones of breakwaters used and lineal meters of repaired pontoons. At the end of the work, the value of the indicators were 9.123 tn of breakwaters and 257 ml of pontoons.