Port Authority

Enabling of the esplanade enlargement of the Port of Ceuta. Starting phase.

“The fitting out works of the esplanade of the enlargement of the Port of Ceuta. Starting phase”, were awarded on 17th November 2009.

They began in March 2010, they finished in July 2011 and they were received on 3rd May 2012. These works consist of remodelling the new port esplanade so as to be used for industrial and logistical activities. In the industrial area, the works include new roads with the forecast of all the urbanisation elements. In the logistical area, the works include a superficial treatment and its provisional drainage system.

The overall cost of the transaction increased to 5.433.290, 85 €.

The total cost which is subsidised on the transaction increased to 4.181.820, 02 €.

The aid with the co-financing rate of 80%, belonging to the Operative Programme 2007-2013, is 3.345.456, 01 €.