Port Authority

Expansion of the port in the west area to provide it with more operational area.

The actions involve an expansion and improvement of the supply of port infrastructures to satisfy the demand required by the ship, the passengers and the merchandise that circulae through the port of Ceuta, with the aim that it can be a factor of competitiveness for economic agents and can contribute in a satisfactory way to the sustainable development of the City.

The project of “Expansion of the port. Initial phase ”has consisted in the construction of a breakwater of approximately 240 m length and a section of breakwater on the slope at an elevation of +6.00, with a main mantle built from cubic concrete blocks in mass of 26 weight t; and a breakwater, with NE alignment, closing the enclosure of the future esplanade, with a length of 650 m and a main mantle of cubic blocks of 7 t., forming a sheet of water of 15.2 hectares. This action, which will facilitate the development of the port through the concessional use of an area of ​​6 hectares and, the rest, as an esplanade for containers and logistical use, needs to be completed with the investment called “Financing the esplanade for the expansion of the port Initial Phase ”.