Port Authority

Demolition and excavation of pipes at the beginning of the west dock.

The works consist of carrying out an underground gallery with the shape of a drawer made of concrete, in which there will be fuel pipes which nowadays are at the back wall of the wet dike. This will colclude with the demolition of 405 m. of the back Wall which i son the first line of the dock.

  • The overall cost of the transaction has increased to 2.018.611,96 €.
  • The overall expense on the 31st of December, 2009 was 2.018.611,96 €.

This work started on 20th of December, 2005 and it concluded on 16th of February, 2008, lasting 26 months.

The operating indicators in the work are the following: lineal meters of fuel pipes installed, and lineal metres of water pipes installed, which were 4.111 ml y 415 ml respectively when the work concluded. This caused 4.526 metres of installed pipes.