Port Authority

Air conditioning and new centralized of meters of the maritime station.

The works are focused on installing a new air conditioning system in order to improve the energy efficiency, as well as the adaptation to the rules of centralized and electric board located in the Maritime Station.

This investment was awarded by the Presidential Resolution with date on 25th October 2010 to Corsan-Corviam Construcción, S.A company. The works began in December 2010, they finished in March 2012 and they were received on 3rd May 2012.

The overall cost of the transaction increased to 1.963.064, 35 €.

The total cost with a co-financing rate on the transaction increased to 1.626.520, 84 €.

The aid with the financing tax of 80%, belonging to the Operative Programme 2007-2013, is 1.301.216, 67 €.