Port Authority

Adaptation non- drinking water network and conditioning of the service road of Dato dock.

This action has developed in Cañonero Dato avenue and included the neccesary elements to establish a watering network with non-drinking water, to replace the mains of public lighting, to remove obsolete elements from central reservations taking advantage of the reusable components and setting up new lineal gardens with ornaments, and to renew layers of the road network of the main Port of Ceuta.

This action was wawrded by the Presidential Resolution with date on 21st of October, 2010, 1.049.175,40 € to Corsan- Corviam Construcción company, S.A, being certificated in 2010 and having its reception on 1st of December, 2011, with a liquidation of 104.859,36 €.

The total cost which is subsidied on the transaction increased to 978.384,78 euros.

The aid with a co-financing rate of 80%, belonging to the Operative Programme 2007-2013, is 782.707,82 euros.