Tax for the special use of the transit area (T-6)

Applicable to: The use of the transit zone, especially prepared as such and exceptionally in manoeuvring zones for goods and transportation elements when occupation of an area is authorised for more than four (4) hours for ro-ro goods or overland transportation, or for more than 48 hours in other cases. This fee also applies to duly authorised goods or equipment which are not merchandise and remain for continuous periods of more than 24 hours.

Payable by: The owner of the goods or materials, the consignee, forwarder or logistics operator.

Payment due: The payment will be due on completion of the maximum periods allowed for using the transit zone for which the fee is charged for the goods and materials that are not considered as merchandise 24 hours from being deposited.

Ammount: Daily quota = Surface · coefficient · T



Until 7th 1
8th to 15th 3
16th to 30th 6
31st to  60th 10
 > 60th 20