Ship rate (T-1).

Chapter II. Section 4, Subsection 1.

  • Art. 194. This charge applies to the use of the waters of the port service zone and to those port works and facilities enabling sea access to berthing or anchorage places.
  • Art. 195.
    • The substitute person liable for this charge is the shipping agent in general at docks
      and port facilities that are licensed or authorised.
    • The liable person is the owner, the shipowner or master of the vessel.
  • Art. 196. The rate shall be charged as from when the vessel enters the port service zone.
  • Art. 197.
    • Basic rate :
Basic rate
Short sea shipping (S) 1.20 Euros
Others (B) 1.43 Euros
  • Total rate:
  • * MINIMUM: 3 hours per stopover MAXIMUM: 15 hours per stopover every 24 hours)
A) Berthage NOT under licence or authorizsation (normal berthing)
Vessels berthed alongside wharves 1.00
Vessels berthed head on, abreast and to buoys 0.80
B) Berthage under licence or authorisation (privately built wharves)
Berthings with sufficient water space granted under license or authorisation (with mooring rights)
Vessels berthed alongside wharves 0.60
Vessels berthed head on, abreast and to buoys 0.50
Berthings with no water space or insufficient space that is not granted under licence or authorisation (remaining privately built wharves)
Vessels berthed alongside wharves 0.70
Vessels berthed head on, abreast and to buoys 0.60
C) Berthage or anchoring under licence 0.30
D) Berthage or anchoring of vessels entering AREA 1 for supplies, provisions or repairs only
Maximum stay of 48 hours 0.25 of A,B,C
Stay exceeding 48 hours 1.00
E) Prolonged time spent and prolonged use of berthing facilities NOT granted under licence or authorisation: G.T. MINIMUM 50 (DAY)
Internal traffic vessel 4.00
Provisioning and dredging vessels 4.67
Vessels afloat undergoing construction, great repair, refitting or breaking up OUTSIDE
Vessels afloat undergoing construction, great repair, refitting or breaking up INSIDE SHIPYARD 0.50
Vessels under legal deposit 1.00
Idle vessels, including fishing and floating craft 4.67
Vessels dedicated to towing, mooring, pilotage and other port services 2.33
Other vessels remaining more than one month as from when this period finishes 4.67
Prolonged time spent and prolonged use of berthing facilities if granted under licence or authorisation (per day)
Without water surface 0.70*E)
With water surface 0.60*E)
F) Without use of place of berthage or anchorage: Total rate will be considered for each 100/GT 2.00
G) CRUISE TOURIST VESSELS. These coefficients are compatible with those in Sections 1, 2 and 3.
General 0.70
When calling at a port considered as the BASE PORT(Annex ll) 0.56
When the vessel belongs to the same cruise company, with a minimum of 12 calls/year or 8 in a season as the BASE PORT 0.50
compatible with those in Sections 1, 2 and 3.
General (Short Sea only) 0.90
When it forms part of a regular maritime service (Short Sea only) 0.60

*Correction coefficient included in total rate

  • Art. 200.2 Berthing on weekends and public holidays. For the purposes of calculating the time spent on weekends or public holidays, and provided always that there have been no commercial operations, shall be: Between 12 p.m. Saturday or 6 p.m. the day before a public holiday until 8 a.m. Monday or the day following the public holiday, : MAXIMUM 5 HOURS
    • When the time spent during that period exceeds 5 hours, the commencement of the time spent for the calculation of the maximum limit of 15 hours every 24 hours shall be measured from 8 a.m. Monday or the day following the public holiday.
    • A public holiday berthing request must be made to the Port Authority of Bilbao before the weekend.
  • Art.201.
    • By number of calls.
      Depending on the number of calls made at the same port in one calendar year by vessels providing a MARITIME SERVICE TO A SPECIFIC KIND OF TRAFFIC and that are operated by the same shipping company or by vessels belonging to a group of several shipping companies that constitute a REGULAR SERVICE with shared use agreements regarding these vessels, then on prior request by the legal person, the rate charge shall be multiplied, by the following coefficient
    From 1 to 12 1.00 0.95
    From 13 to 26 0.95 0.90
    From 27 to 52 0.85 0.80
    From 53 to 104 0.75 0.70
    From 105 to 156 0.65 0.60
    From 157 to 312 0.55 0.50
    From 313 to 365 0.45 0.40
    As from call 366 0.35 0.30
    • Short sea shipping (SSS) is defined as a shipping service for transporting goods and/or passengers on vessels whose sea routes are only in Europe between geographically located European ports, or between those ports and ports situated in non-European countries having a coastline on the landlocked seas bordering Europe, including their islands or non-continental sovereign territories. This concept is also broadened to include maritime transport between the member states of the European Union and Norway and Iceland, and other states of the Baltic, Black and Mediterranean Seas respectively.
    • Shipping service: Is that service which provides a specific kind of traffic in a port, where the vessel or group of vessels belonging to the same shipping or cruise vessel company link the port in question to others transporting the same type and nature of goods or a specific type of passage, elements of transport or cargo units.
    • Regular maritime service: is a maritime service that generally offers its services, adv ertises them, carries them out on a regular basis with clearly preestablished origins and destinations and makes at least 24 calls a year.



  • 1 – To encourage better environmental practices, the Port Authority will apply the following discounts
    • a) When a vessel accredits compliance with specific conditions regarding the environment, and in addition, the shipping company, or the shipowner, the vessel belongs to has signed a good environmental practices agreement with the Port Authority in relation to port operations and stays, a 5% discount will be applied to the charges.
  • 2 – To increase quality in providing services
    • a) A 5% discount will be applied on the charges to those shipping companies in possession of current services certification which embraces all vessel operations in port, based on the quality references laid out by the Spanish Ports State Entity, or where applicable, on the specific references approved by the Port Authority.
  • 3 – Discounts may be applied to traffic thought to be sensitive, priority or strategic, but will be no greater than 40 % of the vessel charges, in order to encourage attracting customers, customer loyalty and growth in traffic and shipping services that contribute to the economic and social development of the port’s area of economic influence or that of Spain as a whole