Fresh fishing rate (T-4)

As stated in Title VII of the First Book of the B.O.E. No. 253, provision 16467.

Chapter II. 4th Section, 3rd Subsection

Applicable to: The use of fishing vessels in operation, of the service area of the port and the port facilities allowing access to the port by sea for mooring or anchoring, as well as the use of the zones indicated for the manipulation and sale of fresh fish and fish products reaching the port by land or sea, roads, parking areas and provision of common services.

Payment of the fee will allow the vessel to remain in the port for one month from the date of its arrival, after which it will be obliged to pay the fee for inactive vessels.

Fishing vessels that do not unload fresh fish, refrigerated fish or related products shall be subject to the vessel rate.

Payable by:

  • By sea: shipowners, charterers, owner of the fish, freight forwarders, the auctioneer if the fish is sold in the port, and concessionaires.
  • By land: owner, auctioneer, concessionaires.

Payment due: When the vessel and fish enter the service zone.

Amount: Base amount: the market value

  • Obtained at auction
  • The average value of the species on the same day or the average market price from the previous week.
  • Otherwise as defined by the Port Authority.

Applicable fees:


Market, not licensed Without use of market With use of authorised market
By sea 2.20% 1.80% 0.40%
By land 1.80% 1.50% 0.30%