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Autoridad Portuaria de Ceuta

Pilotage Service

It is the  counseling service to vessels and floating structures captains, which will be provided on board of them, to facilitate their entry to and exit from the  port and nautical manoeuvres within it and the geographical boundaries of the pilotage area, under security and the terms set out in this Law, in  the Regulations governing this service and in Particular Requirements Tender thereof.

The pilotage  service is compulsory in the ports when so it is determined by the Maritime Administration.

However, the Maritime Administration may establish exemptions from compulsory pilotage service utilization in each port, based on local experience of the captain of the vessel, the vessel characteristics criteria, the nature of the cargo, the peculiarities of the port regulations and other circumstances that are anticipated , prior  report of the Port Authority, heard the authority  performing the practical representation nationwide.

In general, unless otherwise indicated by the Harbour Master for reasons of safety of navigation, ships and vessels serving the Port Authority shall be exempt from pilotage; those for the use in the execution of works in the public port; those for the fuelling and provisioning of vessels; those for provision of port services, with base in the port and in the service of other Public Administrations which have their base in the port, as well as those of any other vessel, whose crew includes a captain who has exercised , even temporarily, as practical at the port in question, or who has passed the enable  tests of theory and practice in such port.

The number of providers will be limited to a single provider in each port area. For these purposes, port area is defined as that which is susceptible of fully independent exploitation including its maritime accessibility and therefore, that the geographic boundaries of the service of pilotage for each of these areas are fully independent.

The Maritime Administration will conduct the required  tests  to enable as a harbor pilot those applicants who possess the  conditions and professional qualifications legally required, with no limitation on the number of candidates who can pass the tests.

The Port Authority will provide practical training in the port. To this effect, it shall be included in the particular specifications of the pilotage service the provider companies obligation to cooperate in the practical training of candidates who have passed the theoretical knowledge test. The selection of candidates will be made by the Port Authority, as based on criteria based on the principles of equality, merit and capacity.

The Port Authority will determine the number of pilots needed for the service  provision,  prior  report of the Maritime Captaincy and heard the Committee of port services and the organization performing the practical representation nationwide will  issue their designation.


This service consists Currently of the following:

Service provider Corporación de Prácticos de Ceuta:

Dique de Poniente, s/n. 51001 CEUTA

Tel.             +34 956 508531         Fax. +34 956 501524

Equipment 2 motorboats.

5 pilots