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Autoridad Portuaria de Ceuta

(Español) Legislación

The State Port System and the Port Authority of Ceuta in particular set as their strategic objective the attention to their customers and users. With this commitment of quality, the Port Authority adapts to new challenges and needs of the society.

This milestone is linked to the improvement of public services, paying attention the demands of the citizens.

The approved regulation establishes standards for transport by sea and navigable routes in regard to:Following the recommendations of the European Commission and the General Management of the Merchant Marine, the Port Authority of Ceuta  hereby informs their users that next 18th of  December of 2012, it will come into force the  Regulation (UE) 1177/2010 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 24th of November, about the rights of passengers when travelling by sea and navigable routes, amending  the Regulation (CE) 2006/2004.

a) Non-discrimination between passengers with regard to transport conditions offered by carriers

b) Non-discrimination of persons with disabilities and persons with reduced mobility and the provision of assistance to those people

c) The rights of passengers in the event of cancellation or delay

d) The minimum information to be provided to passengers

e) The handling of complaints

f) General rules on enforcement

This reflects the need to provide all passengers with a minimum level of protection, which covers not only the passenger services between ports situated on the territory of the Member States but also between these ports and those situated outside their  territory, taking into account the free market competition in passenger transport. Users should always be informed in case of cancellation or delay of any passenger or cruise service.

This information will allow the passenger to take alternative choices if necessary.

In the event of cancellation or delayed departures, carriers and operators of the terminal (Port Authority) are obliged to report the situation as soon as possible to the users, in any case much later than 30 minutes after the hour of the scheduled departure. The Port Authority will also inform passengers departing from the Maritime Station of the departure and arrival estimated hour as soon as such information is available.

When passengers miss a transport connecting service due to a cancellation or delay, the carrier or, where appropriate, the terminal operator, will take all measures within reach to inform them about alternative connections.

If the carrier foresees that the departure of a passenger or a cruise service to be cancelled or delayed more than 90 minutes beyond its scheduled departure time, he will offer passengers departing from the port terminals enough free snacks, meals or refreshments based on the waiting time, when available or if they could  reasonably be provided.

In the event of cancellation or delay in departure requiring a stay of one or more nights or an additional stay to the intended by the passenger, the carrier, as long as physically possible, will offer to those passengers departing from the port terminals, free of charge, a suitable accommodation, on board or ashore, as well as transportation back and forth between the ferry terminal and the place of accommodation, plus snacks, meals or refreshments.

The carrier may limit to 80 € per night per passenger, for a maximum of three nights, the total cost of the accommodation ashore, not including transport back and forth between the ferry terminal and the place of accommodation.

When a passenger service is cancelled or delayed more than 90 minutes in its departure from a port, passengers have the right to have a transportation alternative or the refund of the ticket price.

The payment of any reimbursement will be made within seven days, in cash, by electronic bank transfer, bank transfer or check for the full cost of the ticket at the price at which it was bought, for the part or parts of the journey not made and the part or parts of the journey made ​​if the journey has no longer any purpose in connection with the original travel plan.

With the agreement of the passenger, a full refund may also be paid through vouchers or other services for an amount equivalent to the rate at which it was purchased, if the conditions are flexible, particularly with respect to the period of validity and the destination.

The regulations includes in turn the exemptions when it comes time to indemnify because of the type of ticket, or fault of the passenger, or due to weather conditions reasons , unaware of the carrier. or other services for an amount equivalent to the rate at which it was purchased, if the conditions are flexible, particularly with respect to the period of validity and the destination.

The approved regulation includes the obligation of both the carriers and terminal operators to inform passengers of the trip as well as the rights that protect them in accessible formats, in different languages ​​and adapted for people with disabilities and reduced mobility. The State Ports public entity has published an explanatory brochure:

Passenger Right

The Regulation contains the obligation of the carriers and the terminal operators to develop an accessible mechanism for handling complaints concerning the rights and obligations.

In relation to this commitment to quality, the Port Authority and the Autonomous City of Ceuta have signed a Collaboration Agreement whereby the Tourist Office of the Maritime Station makes also available for passengers Complaints and Suggestions Standard Forms  which may be submitted through the General Register of the Port Authority of Ceuta, by fax or mail and in the Electronic Headquarters of the Port Authority of Ceuta (https://sede.puertodeceuta.gob.es/).

This Regulation reinforces the Quality Policy approved at the time by the Port Authority of Ceuta which, according specification of Royal Decree 951/2005, of 29 July, reports of the services they are responsible of, the rights granted to passengers and those relating to the quality commitments that are agreed to be lent.

Among the commitments that have been agreed in the Passenger Chart, it can include

1. Customer Service Office. 956 50 62 75

2. Website: http://www.puertodeceuta.com/

4. Operational, commercial and services in Maritime Station Signposting Services.3. Informational Monitors and loudspeakers

5. Passenger Support Services: luggage trolleys, toilet (adapted for disabled), public phones, services for special passengers.

6. Parking Service

8. Additional Services7. Customer Service Service