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Autoridad Portuaria de Ceuta

Port of Ceuta destination for cruise ships and yachts

- Excellent location of the port on the cruise route

- Ideal port  for scales with destinations in the Mediterranean and the Canary

- Port near the tourist town and tax advantages.

- European City.

- Visits to two worlds in the same day: Tetouan – Ceuta.


Longitude (Greenwich) 5 º 18 ‘W.Latitud 35 º 53′ N.

With its excellent  location on the North end of the African Continent, at the entrance of the Mediterranean, right in the Strait of Gibraltar, Ceuta is the  ideal scale for cruise ships navigating through the Western Mediterranean, the Atlantic peninsular  Coast and Morocco linking itineraries with  Madeiras and the Canary Islands.

Easy access

The access for cruise ships is easy and safe. The port is protected by two dikes oriented North with an inlet channel of 416 meters wide and 14 meters deep.

The port has two terminals for cruise ships: Spain Quay and Poniente Dock.

Spain Quay: Quay Length: 250 metres. Quay Depth 9.5 meters.

Poniente Dock: 2nd and 3rd alignment. Length of dock: From 525 metres to 270 metres. Dock depth: From 10.5 meters to 9.5 meters.

Port Services. 

Services open 24 hours. Compulsory pilotage service. Tugboats. Suppliers of fuel. Provisioning. Drinking Water.  Marpol waste collection

Facilities for passengers. 

Shuttle service and bus stop. Taxi Service. Public Telephone. Tourist Information. Starting point for excursions. Monitoring service and control safety. 

From the cruise terminal, there are a wide range of excursions, by taxi or by organized tours accompanied by multilingual guides. Ceuta is a fascinating destination and a starting point for visiting the nearby cities of Morocco.


City Center: 100 meters. Commercial Area: 100 meters. Alternatively, passengers can walk or take a bus linking to the city centre, with an impressive range of duty-free shops (except VAT). Tetuan: 40 minutes by bus. Tangier: 50 minutes by bus. Airports: Malaga is connected by a helicopter service that lasts only 30 minutes. Quick Ships connecting the Strait of Gibraltar in just 45 minutes with Algeciras

The Port of Ceuta all advantages. 

The port supports its strength on the geography of Ceuta, its fascinating environment, its tourist potential with its new infrastructures, its business experience, and the existence of an entire continent to be able to continue taking  advantage provided its conditions of Spanish and European city. The city offers a tourist attraction culminating with  some tax advantages and a  special tax regime (excluding IVA) in an European city.

A well sheltered natural harbour where ships can dock comfortably along the Cruise Terminal, with quality port facilities for fuel supply with  competitive prices.

The port becomes the best destination to visit the neighbouring country of Morocco, from Ceuta there are excursions lasting from a

few hours to nearby cities as “Tangier”, “Tetuan” or “Chefchaouen” with the experience of specialized travel agencies that provide the service and an European level warranty.

To learn more about the destination of  Ceuta, click on the following link: www.destinoceuta.com.