The port of Ceuta activates the Interior Maritime Plan after the fuel spill from a ship.


The port of Ceuta resumes operations after completing the cleaning of the dock fenders this afternoon from 16:00 local time.

In spite of this fact, works will continue on the removal and cleaning of the affected coastal ledges in the eastern and Alfau docks, which will not be finished until the total disappearance of the spilled fuel that still remains in the area and which is held by the anti-pollution barrier.



The president of the Port Authority of Ceuta, Juan Manuel Doncel, has signed with the AIVP (International Association of Port Cities), the membership of the Port of Ceuta to the Agenda 2030 proposed to improve the sustainable development of port cities with regards to industrial innovation, cultural development, sustainable mobility, the fight against climate change, among other aspects.

In the Brundtland Report, written by some nations in 1987 for the UN, the term “sustainable development” was used for the first time. It consists of meeting the needs of the present situation without compromising the needs of future generations. Strongly committed to this principle, the Port Authority of Ceuta has adopted, as a management model, a wider concept of sustainable development, based not only on the conservation of resources, but also on the contribution to the creation of a better world. The actions implemented by this institution are aimed at conciliating economic well-being, the preservation of natural resources and social balance, etc.

In the same line, in the year 2006, the Port of Ceuta was one of the first nationwide to obtain the Certification of the Environmental and Safety Health Management System at work in accordance with the reference standards ISO 14001: 2004 and OHSAS 18001: 1999 standard. Subsequently, in 2011, it obtains the Quality Management System Certification in accordance with the ISO 9001: 2004 reference standard and, finally, in November 2014, it is Certified with the Integrated Quality, Environment and Health and Safety Management System at work according to the aforementioned reference standards. These initiatives of great environmental impact and aligned with a sustainable development model, are complemented by the implementation of the Energy Management System in the front line of the State Port System in terms of energy efficiency and whose Certification according to reference standard 50001: 2011 takes place in March 2016. As a result, mechanisms are provided to establish a high level of self-demanding in the matter that has a significant reduction in supply costs and carbon footprint, contributing favorably to the sustainability of the port system.

In accordance with the firm commitments established in this area, in November 2017, the recertification of the Integrated System of Quality Management, Environment and Health and Safety at Work is obtained in accordance with the reference standard ISO 14001: 2004 and standard OHSAS 18001: 1999 and, in January 2019, the certificate of compliance with the European Port Environmental Review System (PERS) is received. With the attainment of the PERS certification, the Port of Ceuta joins the “EcoPorts” network of ports. In Spain, only seven Port Authorities have the PERS and Ceuta was the eighth to achieve this certification. In December 2019, the Port Authority of Ceuta subjected to an audit obtaining a favourable report for its registration in the EMAS registry “Community Regulation of Eco-management and Eco-Audit, which constitutes an environmental management tool that emanates from the voluntary regulations of the European Union that recognizes those organizations that have implemented an SGMA (Environmental Management System) and have acquired a commitment to continuous improvement, verified by independent audits.

Finally, some days ago, the Port Authority of Ceuta wanted to go a step further in its commitment to a “Sustainable” management model by joining the AIVP (Worldwide Network of port cities) “the only global network which, for more than 30 years, provides a meeting point for all urban and port actors. The AIVP is a privileged witness of the evolutionary changes the different cities and ports of the entire world are experiencing”.

With the AIVP, port cities imagine a more sustainable, responsible and innovative urban, port and economic development. In line with this, the Port Authority of Ceuta has also ratified the AIVP AGENDA 2030 with the purpose of contributing to the sustainable development of port cities. This agenda consists of ten commitments, whose objective is to reduce the environmental impact of port cities, presented to the UN as a contribution of port cities for the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals.

Each of the ten objectives will be treated from the comprehensive approach proposed by the United Nations Organization in this subject:

Adaptation to climate change anticipating its consequences in port cities.
Energy transition and circular economy, which favours cooperation among local socio-economic actors to link their activities and improve the management of natural resources.
Sustainable mobility that facilitates urban decongesting.
Renewed governance, which establishes the dialogue among all the agents involved, including civil society and promoting a balanced territorial policy between urban uses and active port.
Investment in human capital, which favours professional training in the port area and creates spaces for collaborative experimentation so as to generate new projects.
Port culture and identity, which recovers the pride of belonging to the port city.
Quality food for all people making a sustainable distribution of them.
Port-city interface, reducing the inconvenience the port activity near the urban environment could cause to the inhabitants.
Health and quality of life, related to the improvement in the quality of air and water in the docks, as well as the reduction of noise levels and light pollution.
Protection of biodiversity, both terrestrial and aquatic in the surroundings of the port city.

At present, the Port Authority of Ceuta has carried out some actions aligned with these objectives and plans to be part of the axis of different projects planned in the short and medium term. Some examples are the following:

Adaptation to climate change, health and quality of life: signing of an agreement with the Autonomous City of Ceuta for the improvement of air quality, entry into force of the Instruction for the reduction of hydrogen sulfide emissions into the atmosphere in the oil-bearing products which operates in the Port of Ceuta.
Energy transition and Sustainable mobility: acquisition and installation of LED technology, acquisition of electric vehicles, efficient air conditioning systems at the Maritime Station …
Port-city interface: enclosure project of the Port of Ceuta that will serve to reinforce the security of the port facilities and investments to improve the accessibility of the Maritime Station.
Protection of biodiversity: studies on water quality based on ROM-5.1-13, Recommendation on the Quality of Coastal Waters in Port Areas: physicochemical and biological indicators.

Participation of the Port and Tourist Services of Ceuta in the “International Cruise Summit 2019”.

In its ninth edition, the global cruise industry met again in Madrid on November 27 and 28 to discuss about the future of the sector at the “International Cruise Summit 2019”.

More than 350 delegates from all over the world attended these conferences organized by Cruises News Media group, a company specialized in the promotion, communication and organization of this type of events for the cruise sector.

The Port Authority of Ceuta, together with Ceuta Tourist Services, participated in the “International Cruise Summit 2019”, one of the most prestigious congresses that is already an international reference year after year, where directors and executives of shipping companies, port authorities, tourist destinations, tour operators, consignees, travel agents, suppliers and industry experts meet.

The inauguration was carried out by the Director of CLIA Spain, the Adviser of Tourspain in Miami, and the General Director of tourism of the Community of Madrid who talked to the delegates highlighting the importance of the congress.

During these two days, several round tables and presentations addressed topics such as: “the incipient transformation of the industry”, “gastronomy as a new marketing axis”, “the vision, challenges and trends in shipbuilding”, “Big Data: the new gold of cruise marketing” or “sustainability in the tourist experience in ports and tourist destinations”, among many other topics.

Fostering Spain and its ports as a cruise destination

More than 350 delegates from all over the world attended that event with international speakers from Pullmantur Cruises, Costa Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Carnival UK, Royal Caribbean, Silversea, TUI Cruises, Cruise & Maritime Voyages, Saga Cruises , Fred Olsen, Marella Cruises, Princess Cruises, Crystal Cruises, MSC cruises, Blue World Voyages.

This ninth edition helped to enhance the image of Spain as the second European cruise tourist destination and the fourth European market allowing the city of Madrid to be the headquarters of the main international congresses. The sector will close 2019 with a new record of 30 million passengers and in 2020, 22 new ships will be received, an incredible figure that is, practically, 2 ships per month.

On the other hand, the environmental challenge and the industry’s commitment for getting zero future emissions was also part of the debate. In the commitment to reach sustainability, there were reserved spaces to deal with the management of mass tourism, the cycle and contribution of the cruise business to local economies or the detailed analysis of new ship orders until 2027.

Assistance and joint participation of the Port Authority and Tourist Services of Ceuta.

With such assistance, the Port Authority of Ceuta and Tourist Services continue to promote the port and the city of Ceuta, a presence considered of great interest to continue strengthening meetings with the main cruise agents, giving continuity to the contacts established in other forums of the sector.

It is necessary to emphasize the importance that this type of forums have for the development of the cruise segment in the city. It is essential that the Port and the City are present in all those meetings to show strength and growth.

Participation of the Port of Ceuta in an event organized by CLIA (International Association of Cruise Lines)

The representation of the Port of Ceuta, headed by its Commercial and Marketing Director, was present in a day prior to the summit, when he held meetings with delegates of the main shipping companies and other professional of this association which includes the main lines of cruise ships worldwide, presenting the advantages offered by the Port of Ceuta.

Finally, it should be noted that the Port and the City are planning new objectives to continue promoting this traffic in upcoming forums and international fairs, with a presence in professional associations of the cruise industry that will report new calls and visits for the benefit of the economy and the tourist sector.

For further information:

The ports of Ceuta and Algeciras work to establish a framework of collaboration with regards to passengers and cargo.

The executives of both docks hold a work meeting focused on the Strait traffic.

The ports of Algeciras and Ceuta celebrated a work meeting in which both parties addressed issues of common interest with the objective of establishing a framework of collaboration to implement actions regarding passengers and cargo traffic in the Strait that provide value to the port communities of both ports and their users and customers.

The meeting, held at the headquarters of the Port Authority of the Bay of Algeciras (APBA), was headed by the presidents of both Port Authorities, Gerardo Landaluce and Juan Manuel Doncel, as well as their general directors, José Luis Hormaechea and César López, and the responsible for the Environment and Operations departments of the host entity.

Landaluce and Doncel dealt with passenger traffic on the Algeciras-Ceuta line, for those who study the establishment of the quality service standards, the joint development of a Service Letter focusing on Strait of Gibraltar Crossing Operation (OPE ) and in the period of interchangeability of tickets, as well as the definition of some procedures in case of port closures or response to emergency situations, among others.

Another important point for both docks was to establish a process for exchanging information between Algeciras and Ceuta, both for passengers and cargo traffic, with the aim of allowing global traceability.

The appointment also served to share the concern and the urgent need to provide a solution to the accumulation, in the service areas of both ports, of vessels and vehicles involved in judicial and administrative proceedings, which have an impact on port operations, projecting a bad image abroad and a potential environmental risk.

Regarding bunkering, in which both ports are reference docks, the parties addressed the so-called IMO 2020, regulations of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) that since January 1 limits the content of 3-5% to 0.5% of sulphur in marine fuels, a challenge for the sector with the objective of reducing emissions from maritime transport. The operators of both ports already supply this product. In this regard, they carried out the joint promotion of the “Puertos del Estrecho” brand, taking advantage of the presence of Algeciras and Ceuta in international forums and associations such as the International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA).

Additionally, planning issues were discussed, as well as different relationship models and experiences in the development of Port-City integration projects, or the situation of the special plans and their singularities. The intention of both ports is to continue working on establishing actions that favour positive synergies and linking actions from a strategic and logistic point of view. Both ports pledged to collaborate more closely to take advantage of the potential of the two ports that are called to have a prominent role in maritime transport given the privileged geographical situation of both in the Strait of Gibraltar.

The ports are fundamental pieces of the territorial gears where they are located and the evolution of the markets, services and technologies, so both Port Authorities will continue through work, coordination, joint actions and shared knowledge.

The luxurious yatch Just J’s calls in Ceuta.


The impressive yatch “Just J’s” , with flag of Cayman Islands, docked in the Muelle España last November 13.

This yacht, valued at 68 million euros and built in 2015, has the capacity to accommodate 15 people and was commissioned to the prestigious Dutch shipyards of Hakvoort. Nowadays, these shipyards are building a new yacht with similar features and two more meters in length.

In its 61 meters in length and 11 meters in beam, this boat counts on a swimming pool, cinema, solarium, disco, several suites, among other luxury rooms.



The Ceuta Port Authority wishes all passengers and crew a happy stay in our city.

The port of Ceuta comes early with regards to the IMO 2020 regulations and begins to operate in the supply of low sulphur marine fuel oil.

The Port of Ceuta already sells low sulphur marine fuels before the deadline to the limitations of the new IMO 2020 international standard, which will enter into force on 1st January.

An unloading of this new product on 1st November and the first supply operation that took place on 7th November, mark the beginning of a new stage in the port’s strategy so as to boost bunkering at its facilities.

The first unloading operation of fuel oil 0.5% low in sulphur VLSFO (Very Low Sulphur Fuel oil) in the port of Ceuta took place last Friday, 1st November at the Poniente dike, specifically in the new dock of the 3rd alignment, destined to the reception of large ships for the transport of liquid bulk.

This new berthing infrastructure made the aforementioned unloading a great success; since it allowed to receive a ship of great draft and length allowing the port of Ceuta to be more competitive by increasing its capacity for this type of operations that was previously limited to smaller vessels, which eliminates the traditional restriction that existed and penalized the cost of transporting oil-bearing products to our port.

The vessel Ridgebury Colette B, from Sweden, made the first deposit of this new fuel oil at the port facilities. This ship carried 34,500 tons of this low sulphur fuel that is more ecological and sustainable for the environment, while considerably reducing the amount of sulphur oxides from ships, reporting health benefits to populations who live near to the ports and coasts.

This product was stored in the DÚCAR I’s warehouses and the company VILMA OIL was the one in charge of carrying out the unloading operations that lasted 35 hours. It should be noted that this first supply highlights the involvement of the VILMA OIL company in the business of bunkering in the Port of Ceuta; since it made possible that two months before the entry into force of the IMO-2020 regulations, the port of Ceuta is prepared to supply this fuel to ships.

This fact is the result of a process that began last February in London in the framework of the conferences promoted by IBIA on the occasion of the IP Week (International Petroleum Week).

Simultaneously, that same day in the Levante dike, another fuel unloading took place. The ship “Sti Fulham” from Bilbao deposited 25,000 tons of diesel oil also sold by VILMA OIL for the provisioning of ships in our port. This fuel was stored in the DÚCAR I’s deposits located in San Amaro. It should be noted that the ship agent in both operations was the agency “Wave Shipping del Estrecho, Ltd.”.

After the first unloading operation carried out on 1st November, the first supply of low sulphur fuel oil took place in the port of Ceuta, specifically in the Levante dike where the Turkish ship “Kurtulus” will supply 90 tons of the aforementioned fuel.

The ship “Kurtulus”, from Turkey, was the first to receive this new fuel oil at the port facilities. This vessel of 3,450 GT and 92.25 m in length also supplied 25 tons of diesel from the same supplier and “Jose Salama & Co. Ltd.” was the ship agent.

In the same line, the port of Ceuta has been expanding its product offer with the new VLSFO (Very Low Sulphur Fuel oil) marine fuel provided by Vilma Oil, which is another step in the strategy of the port of Ceuta to boost its positioning as a reference of fuel supply services to ships in the Strait, as it is a key geographic-logistic core for international navigation routes.

The Port of Ceuta finished the month of October reaching the figure of 665.087 tons in supplies to ships, which represents a growth of 6.22%. To all this, we should add the ability to serve ships in the bay by barge, overcoming the limitations that may exist in response to those ships anchored outside the dock.

The Port Authority has been developing commercial policies focused on capturing and increasing this traffic. In this sense, the necessary steps have been taken to achieve this objective through the increase of the supply capacity and the specialization of our services, which implies an increase in traffic and, therefore, an improvement in the port results.

The cruise “Saga Sapphire” made a port call in the Port of Ceuta on Sunday 13th October 2019.

The cruise, which belongs to the shipping company Saga Cruises and consigned by Global Agency Ceuta Ltd., will be in Ceuta from 08.00 to 15.00 hours. It is a ship with a length of 200 metres and a draft of 8.3 metres.

Around 1,100 people, including tourists and crew of different nationalities, will be able to visit the city and its surroundings.

The Port Authority of Ceuta informs of the arrival on Sunday, October 13, 2019, of the cruise “Saga Sapphire” which, consigned by the company Global Agency Ceuta Ltd., will be berthed from 08:00 pm and 15:00 pm in the Muelle España (east side). The cruise will arrive in Ceuta from the port of Dover and it will depart for the port of Oran.

This vessel will make a call in our port and it belongs to the prestigious British- shipping company “Saga Cruises” – which means that the interest of this shipping company in considering the port of Ceuta in the routes of its cruises is increasing.

The size of the “Saga Sapphire”, with 200 m. in length and 8.3 m in draft, shares similar features with the cruise “Saga Pearl II” of the same shipping company which visited us last year.

About 1,100 people on board between passengers and crew

The ship “Saga Sapphire” has 650 passengers on board, most of them British and American and around 400 crew members of different nationalities, who will have the option to take the usual tour around Ceuta and do their shopping during the time they remain in the city. For that reason, the Tourist Services of the Autonomous City of Ceuta will collaborate in the reception of tourists, displaying in the berth area, a tourist information point. Apart from that, shuttle buses and transfers will be available for them to visit the city center.

This cruise carries out a tour of 14 days of sailing visiting the ports of Dover, Ceuta, Oran, Ibiza, Barcelona, Valencia, Huelva, A coruña and return to the British port of Southampton.

Delivery of a commemorative plaque

As usual, in the case of the first visit of the cruise, a reception will be carried out on board, where the cruise captain will be given a commemorative plaque of the first call in our port.

With the arrival of this new cruise, the positive results of the commercial efforts that the Port Authority, together with Tourist Services, have been carrying out during these last years is confirmed, both in the international forums and in the participation in associations for the promotion of these traffics, and all this completes the number of calls and visitors for the benefit of the tourist and economic sector of the city.

Features of the cruise “SAGA SAPHHIRE”

Company: Saga Cruises.

Ship agent: Global Agency Ceuta, Ltd. – (Tel. +34 956 524488)

Date of the arrival: 13 October 2019

ETA: 08:00 am.

ETD: 15:00 pm.

Berth place: Muelle España (east side)

Flag: Malta Port of registry: Valletta

Previous port of call: Dover (England)

Destination: Oran (Algeria)

Tonnage: 37,049 GT

Length: 200 m Draft: 8.3 m

Passengers: 650. British and American.

Crew: 400. Different nationalities.

The Ceuta Port Authority of Ceuta and Tourist Services jointly attend the Medcruise General Assembly, where professionals from the cruise industry meet.

Both institutions, the port and the city, attend together the 55th General Assembly of Medcruise, association of Mediterranean cruise ports and adjacent seas whose main mission is to promote the cruise industry in the Mediterranean, the Black Sea, the Adriatic Sea, the Red Sea and the nearby Atlantic.

Staff from the port and the tourist destination of Ceuta are present these days in the port of Antibes (France), promoting the cruise traffic at the port facilities and the city as a recipient of tourists who visit us on these ships.

Among the most important issues that are being dealt with during the days of conferences and meetings scheduled with the shipping companies, it is highlighted the presentation carried out by tourist services presenting the city of Ceuta as a destination place, which, accompanied by the Commercial Manager of the Port Authority, had the opportunity to announce our enclave as a unified cruise destination and promote it in the international market.

In these meetings the different areas of the Mediterranean are analysed and concrete measures are established to attract cruise companies in order to strengthen the role of the region, divulge its tourist relevance, publicize its facilities and value its growth and development.

The Association has an agenda of internal affairs approved in the general assembly of members, including the port and the city of Ceuta. Matters such as training courses, work groups, promotional and marketing actions, alliances with other associations of the sector, incorporation of new partners, etc., are the points that have been discussed on this occasion. At the same time, conferences and round tables have been developed in another section where topics such as the latest changes in the cruise industry have been discussed, how it affects the environment, the luxury cruise market, new business opportunities and trends in the Mediterranean Sea.

Finally, it should be stressed that MedCruise helps its members to benefit from the growth of the cruise industry, providing opportunities for networking, promotion and professional development, and it collaborates with different associations to promote, in a better way, the business and improve cooperation on common issues. The Association is working to increase and strengthen its ties with other port communities in the coming years to continue increasing traffic. These alliances help to provide a unified voice for sustainable cruise growth when it comes to European Union organizations, national governments, local authorities and other stakeholders in the cruise industry.

The Port of Ceuta participates in the “Seatrade Cruise Europe 2019”.

The Ceuta Port Authority participates in the reference fair of the European cruise sector, “Seatrade Europe Cruise and River Cruise”, which is held in Hamburg from September 11 to 13 and which is framed in the “German city’s Cruise Week. ” In addition to this, it is highlighted the celebration of two events organized by CLIA, the Cruise Lines International Association.

The Seatrade Cruise Europe edition is the most important fair-congress dedicated to the world of cruises in Europe. With permanent headquarters in Hamburg, this biannual fair-congress receives about 5000 visitors from more than 40 countries who develop a varied range of routes and destinations on 260 stands. In this new edition, the Seatrade Europe will count on more space for new exhibitors and innovative conferences.

The Ceuta Port Authority will be present at the fair in the State Ports stand together with the main Port Authorities under the slogan “Blue Carpet” and, together with Tour Spain and companies of this sector, they will exhibit a wide range of destinations and services to shipping companies, giving a global image of Spain, and boosting the cruise sector from the point of view of the improvement in port facilities, and of the cultural and tourist offer.

The representation of the Port of Ceuta, headed by its Commercial and Marketing Manager, Víctor Jiménez, will hold meetings with delegates of the main cruise ships and other professionals of the sector, presenting the novelties and advantages offered by the porto f Ceuta as well as the tourist attractions of the city that will enhance the image of Ceuta as a cruise destination.

Likewise, contacts will be made with shipping companies interested in making calls in their itineraries for the next few years, taking advantage of the fact that our port has adapted to receive ships that are increasingly large and it offers all kinds of services.

Precisely, in the field of infrastructure, the Port Authority of Ceuta brings interesting news about the cruises that visited our city this year. The adaptation of the Muelle España to house vessels of greater length, the integral renovation of the aforementioned quay that allows access to ships that take tourists on excursion, as well as a new arrangement of security, lighting, signaling, green areas keeping in its design the original structure of the dock, which generates some surface so that the operation of embarkation / disembarkation is easier to carry out.

In addition to the exhibition area, during these fair days key issues around the amazing expansion of cruises in Europe will be discussed. An expansion of which Ceuta also wants to be a participant Issues such as sustainability and environmental regulations, design of new terminals, creation of new brands, among other aspects, will be discussed. To deal with these issues, managers and important personalities of the sector will be present during the conferences.

With regards to the meetings celebrated other ports, it is highlighted the previous ones maintained with the neighboring ports of Cádiz and Malaga. These ones will be complemented with visits to both ports in this last four-month period of the year, in order to exchange points of view, boost and include our port in initiatives and joint programs with them, since they are a perfect example in the cruise sector in the western Mediterranean area with considerable increases in the number of calls of these ships.

Finally, the forecasts of the Port Authority is to increase its presence in this sector in the coming years, however, for external reasons, there have been some cancellations of calls during this year; a circumstance that does not stop us continuing to work and resume satisfactory new cruise visits such as last August. Both, the port and the city are planning new objectives to promote this traffic in upcoming forums and international fairs, with presence in associations of cruise industry professionals such as CLÍA and Medcruise that will report new calls and visits for the benefit of the tourist and economic sector of the city.

The Port of Ceuta publishes its Annual Report 2018.

The Port Authority of Ceuta publishes its Annual Report 2018 as a sign of transparency of the institution regarding its management.

The Port Authority of Ceuta has been preparing for years an annual report divided into chapters where its annual activity, evaluation, results and the most outstanding management facts are reflected.

The aforementioned publication collects, in an exhaustive way, the economic balance, the technical characteristics of its facilities, the activities authorized to individuals, the statistics of its traffic, the use of the port, the works, the maritime lines, etc.

Likewise, it should also be noted that the annual report, of a public nature, will be distributed to the rest of the national ports and to the maritime community in general, continuing with the policy of sharing and spreading the results of common objectives.

Finally, it should be highlighted that the annual report is completely free. Furthermore, its printed edition is accompanied by a USB card and is also accessible through the official website of the Port of Ceuta in the section called “Publications”.