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Autoridad Portuaria de Ceuta


The Port Authority of Ceuta launched by this online SITE, a better service whose access by its customers and users will bring more convenience because of the advantages of such technology. The information presented is the result of the ongoing activity of our port in matters of traffic and infrastructure improvements.

The vitality of our port is mainly based on the geographical location of Ceuta, its tax benefits, our consolidated  experience in bunkers traffic  and the importance of the port on the local economy. The Port of Ceuta has improved during the last three years its traffic areas for passengers, vehicles and merchandise, opening new business opportunities, and design an ambitious project to design the containers terminal and attract Atlantic-Mediterranean transvesselment  traffic, for which the facilities will be greatly expanded and, taking this opportunity,  all maritime operators are invited to place their valuable contribution to our port at the intersection of the main lines, watching to give to these effects every kind of facilities.
Another advantage is its coat, and the existence of a sports port, a few meters away from the center, which houses up to 300 recreational and sports vessels, which is integrated into the National Marine Station Network, that private initiative of the city ​​offers, in an ambitious project to turn it into a landmark destination in the international nautical sports industry.
From here we welcome all web users offering an efficient, multi-utility services site to the port community and its environment.