The cruise “Saga Sapphire” made a port call in the Port of Ceuta on Sunday 13th October 2019.

The cruise, which belongs to the shipping company Saga Cruises and consigned by Global Agency Ceuta Ltd., will be in Ceuta from 08.00 to 15.00 hours. It is a ship with a length of 200 metres and a draft of 8.3 metres.

Around 1,100 people, including tourists and crew of different nationalities, will be able to visit the city and its surroundings.

The Port Authority of Ceuta informs of the arrival on Sunday, October 13, 2019, of the cruise “Saga Sapphire” which, consigned by the company Global Agency Ceuta Ltd., will be berthed from 08:00 pm and 15:00 pm in the Muelle España (east side). The cruise will arrive in Ceuta from the port of Dover and it will depart for the port of Oran.

This vessel will make a call in our port and it belongs to the prestigious British- shipping company “Saga Cruises” – which means that the interest of this shipping company in considering the port of Ceuta in the routes of its cruises is increasing.

The size of the “Saga Sapphire”, with 200 m. in length and 8.3 m in draft, shares similar features with the cruise “Saga Pearl II” of the same shipping company which visited us last year.

About 1,100 people on board between passengers and crew

The ship “Saga Sapphire” has 650 passengers on board, most of them British and American and around 400 crew members of different nationalities, who will have the option to take the usual tour around Ceuta and do their shopping during the time they remain in the city. For that reason, the Tourist Services of the Autonomous City of Ceuta will collaborate in the reception of tourists, displaying in the berth area, a tourist information point. Apart from that, shuttle buses and transfers will be available for them to visit the city center.

This cruise carries out a tour of 14 days of sailing visiting the ports of Dover, Ceuta, Oran, Ibiza, Barcelona, Valencia, Huelva, A coruña and return to the British port of Southampton.

Delivery of a commemorative plaque

As usual, in the case of the first visit of the cruise, a reception will be carried out on board, where the cruise captain will be given a commemorative plaque of the first call in our port.

With the arrival of this new cruise, the positive results of the commercial efforts that the Port Authority, together with Tourist Services, have been carrying out during these last years is confirmed, both in the international forums and in the participation in associations for the promotion of these traffics, and all this completes the number of calls and visitors for the benefit of the tourist and economic sector of the city.

Features of the cruise “SAGA SAPHHIRE”

Company: Saga Cruises.

Ship agent: Global Agency Ceuta, Ltd. – (Tel. +34 956 524488)

Date of the arrival: 13 October 2019

ETA: 08:00 am.

ETD: 15:00 pm.

Berth place: Muelle España (east side)

Flag: Malta Port of registry: Valletta

Previous port of call: Dover (England)

Destination: Oran (Algeria)

Tonnage: 37,049 GT

Length: 200 m Draft: 8.3 m

Passengers: 650. British and American.

Crew: 400. Different nationalities.