The Ceuta Port Authority of Ceuta and Tourist Services jointly attend the Medcruise General Assembly, where professionals from the cruise industry meet.

Both institutions, the port and the city, attend together the 55th General Assembly of Medcruise, association of Mediterranean cruise ports and adjacent seas whose main mission is to promote the cruise industry in the Mediterranean, the Black Sea, the Adriatic Sea, the Red Sea and the nearby Atlantic.

Staff from the port and the tourist destination of Ceuta are present these days in the port of Antibes (France), promoting the cruise traffic at the port facilities and the city as a recipient of tourists who visit us on these ships.

Among the most important issues that are being dealt with during the days of conferences and meetings scheduled with the shipping companies, it is highlighted the presentation carried out by tourist services presenting the city of Ceuta as a destination place, which, accompanied by the Commercial Manager of the Port Authority, had the opportunity to announce our enclave as a unified cruise destination and promote it in the international market.

In these meetings the different areas of the Mediterranean are analysed and concrete measures are established to attract cruise companies in order to strengthen the role of the region, divulge its tourist relevance, publicize its facilities and value its growth and development.

The Association has an agenda of internal affairs approved in the general assembly of members, including the port and the city of Ceuta. Matters such as training courses, work groups, promotional and marketing actions, alliances with other associations of the sector, incorporation of new partners, etc., are the points that have been discussed on this occasion. At the same time, conferences and round tables have been developed in another section where topics such as the latest changes in the cruise industry have been discussed, how it affects the environment, the luxury cruise market, new business opportunities and trends in the Mediterranean Sea.

Finally, it should be stressed that MedCruise helps its members to benefit from the growth of the cruise industry, providing opportunities for networking, promotion and professional development, and it collaborates with different associations to promote, in a better way, the business and improve cooperation on common issues. The Association is working to increase and strengthen its ties with other port communities in the coming years to continue increasing traffic. These alliances help to provide a unified voice for sustainable cruise growth when it comes to European Union organizations, national governments, local authorities and other stakeholders in the cruise industry.